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Jennifer Scantlebury's story

My name is Jennifer Maria Scantlebury and I was born in Manchester in the UK. I'm a proud mother of 2 son's and 2 grandchildren and I consider my legacy to be my greatest achievement. My previous work experience has been with the Manchester City Council Education Department and over the last 25 years, my career was dominated by the work I did with families & children of all ages and with a specific focus on supporting young people throughout their journey in education.


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What We Aim To Do

To provide Medical Insurance Cards to Gomoa Achaise Community only enabling them to access basic medical needs at a local Hospital.

To continue to work with Local Hospital / NHIS with a Well Being Mobile Clinic Mini Bus enabling us to visit each district to provide basic medical needs for those who cannot afford it.

To Build a Well-Being Clinic, accessible to Gomoa Achaise Community.

Water Borehole accessible for Clinic.


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Caring for others is an expression of what it means to be fully human.


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